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To A New Day

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

I awoke to chirping birds in the darkness, somewhere between way too early and dawn.  Streaming  residuals from last night's dreams cloud my mind as I lay anchored, questioning the next step in my coaching career.

I wanted to lay - to stall, but melodic birds mock my fatigue  -- Cynthia, it's time to update your LinkedIn page! (Ugh!) You see, last night I promised to rise at 5:00 am and edit my LinkedIn profile. I've done a great job of avoiding it for years. But today,  I rose earlier than planned -- it's actually closer to 4:30 am, I'm exhausted ... and the birds... why are they up before the sun?! The universe had a message for me in the dark.

Lingering self-analysis, caused me to question the connection between my dreams and real life. But before I could complete the thought, I heard the answer:   those images were just hyperboles.

Now ... I know how random that sounds - believe me.  I haven’t even attempted to use that word in a sentence since 8th-grade English class, if ever. So, in the dark of pre-dawn, I reached for my Iphone and Googled the word to insure I wasn't completely losing my mind! 

Hyperbole is an exaggeration of something not to be taken seriously. Wow! Okay, God I think I  get it ....

Like so many, I have often felt that the next step in my career … was less-like a "step" and more like a monumentous hip-popping chasm. But my perception was flawed.

Fear is an exaggeration. Fear of success, fear of failure - both can seem magnified when we sit paralyzed in the pre-dawns of life.  Mid-life crises;  Loss of a loved one; Corporate down-sizing or reconfiguration; Barren job searches;  Resignation/Terminations; Nasty divorce; Sudden disability - and the list goes on.  Life will always have a way of putting us in temporary darkness. 

Yet, after we've rested and initiated healing in this darkness, it's time to rise with the anticipation of morning!  LinkedIn profiles must be updated. Outdated resumes have to be revived! Networking opportunities should be seized! Promotions should be asked for and you should absolutely refuse to work another 10 years in an industry that is draining your life force. Are your assets really worth your well being? What is an asset anyway, if you've become a slave to its maintenance? Surely your talents and skill set can be re-ordered and put to use in another way? Your skills have virtue. Power!

A decade of career advising and managing my own career change has taught me this: when we identify and nurture our strengths, and make room for (but forgive) our  weaknesses, the next career step isn't  so daunting. It's  actually quite natural and necessary!  When I became willing to step into the pre-dawn with no applause or "esteemed" job-title, and courageously  pursued my passions of service through career coaching - the sun finally rose from the horizon. It has been a slow but deliberate surrender to service and love for the people I serve.  This is the true path to abundance.

This morning reminded me of a quote from Rabindranath Tagore: "faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark." 

We must commit to embrace change and sing with gratitude. May we strive to always challenge the hyperboles that threaten to keep our careers in the dark of night.

 To a new day and a new dawn with no exaggerations, Cheers!

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