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Learnt. Learned. Lur'nid. - #GetBossChallenge, Cycle 7

Today marked the 7th cycle of my 21-day challenges! Chapter 7 of Get Boss

Day one of Get Lur’nid is a visual reminder that challenges present moments to relearn our potential for greatness and accomplishment. The sticky-note image on my book’s cover captures a moment when I was earning a few dollars above minimum wage as a working mom.

My breaking-point in my mindset came one day as I wrote a dream salary figure on a Post-It. I stuck the reminder in my teller-window where I was forced to see it all day. From that day on, I did two things: allowed myself to have the audacity to believe that I could earn that much and two, I challenged myself to find a way to go get it. And guess what? I went and got it.

Visualization is a powerful reprogram. Yet I also had to learn hard, hard lessons on the way ... College degrees and scaffolded leadership experiences were the physical education - but the spiritual learning is what truly alchemized my life. And that’s word.

Fast forward to today — the #getbosschallenge has truly tested my commitment to my book’s first edition. It’s challenged my ideas of self-acceptance and self love on many levels. And I’m learning to embrace the spot-ons as much as the mess-ups, then I keep it moving. Bosses should not waste time lamenting on what blew downwind. One of my life purposes is to master this truth with grace and tenacity.

Anyway - for the next 21 days I will continue to post daily musings on Instagram and the Facebook Get Boss Challenge group. I will focus on the importance of leveraging our learning ... from the Academic to the Arcane & everything in between.

I hope you'll join me on one of those platforms. If not, see you in cycle 8, Get Connected. Love, Cynthia Cynthia

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