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Get Boss, The Integration

We started the Get Boss Challenge on labor day weekend. I literally came up with the idea, created an intro video for Instagram, and launched the challenge an hour later. I stayed up until about 3 make sure the Facebook Group was set up and my first challenge blog was posted to this site! The spirit said, 'move now!' and thankfully I listened. Today marks the ninth and final cycle of the challenge and it's hard to believe.

I've even inspired entrepreneurial ventures and the healing of family ties.

I enjoyed wonderful moments of clarity and pushed myself during the days and weeks I wanted to quit. Creating thoughtful, thematic content to post each day was a challenge, especially because I strongly believe in practicing what I teach. The challenge held a mirror to my greatness, insecurities, and a few flaws. I must say though it has been wonderful showing up for myself. Women on Instagram and Facebook have personally and publicly thanked me for inspiring their growth and for that I am truly thankful. I've even inspired entrepreneurial ventures and the healing of family ties. It's a blessing.

When I wrote, Get Boss, A Woman's Guide to Success Defined her way, there were many moments that my fingers could not move fast enough. I knew that I was simply a vessel used to convey the bigger lessons of love, light and redemption. . At two, three, and four in the morning, I would write feverishly, emptying my heart and wisdom into the pages.

But the title was something different. It was snappy and I knew my book was destined to be called Get Boss -- but I struggled with what boss truly meant in my own life. There were many times over the course of 10 years when I definitely didn't feel like anyone's boss. Not even my own. But I was so strong and powerful - how was I misjudging my value? The truth is that I kept moving the finish line - as soon as I accomplished one thing, I found reasons to become discontented with that success. Who has the right, the authority, to call themselves a boss? What variables, assets, economic or social status constitute a one?

What variables, assets, image, lifestyle, economic, or social status constitute a boss?

Is it only related to business bureaucracy or the rich and famous? And how does spirituality fit into all this? Shouldn't that matter? Are capital gains and material possessions the only way to crown someone with the title boss?

I kept Get Boss as my title to afford women the opportunity to come into their own understanding of what boss is. After pruning through her own psyche, behaviors, and definitions of success, I wanted her perspective to evolve into an understanding that superseded her job title and tax bracket.

The last seven months of the Get Boss Challenge taught me to honor the pursuit instead of worshiping the elusive arrival.

It has taken me eight, 21-day cycles of Get Boss to trust and better understand my power as a boss. Here is my new definition:

A boss is integrated

Bold in the physical and spiritual worlds

You can’t quite define her

As open as she is mysterious

Healed in every dimension

Diversified in intellect and her investments

She transmutes the lead in her life and career into gold

She’s a warrior

Like the Phoenix resurrected

She proves nothing & everything at the same time

A true concrete rose

She stays thankful, loving, and connected

Defying the odds and

Defining success her way

I hope you arrive at your own definition as well.

Love, Cynthia

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