Over the years, I have watched Cynthia take her career to new heights.



About Me.

Author and founder of SharperWorks LLC, Cynthia holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Education in Business Education. For over fourteen years, hundreds of domestic and international students and professionals have trusted Cynthia’s astute style of career and life coaching. She is a quiet storm of industry knowledge, spiritual wisdom, and professional savvy.

In her current role as the associate director of a MAC University career center, Cynthia oversees an internship program and president's initiative. Cynthia also provides career coaching to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students. She also has experience as a faculty mentor and coordinator of career planning curriculum and instructor training. As Founder of SharperWorks LLC, Cynthia enhances entry- to executive-level careers through coaching, job-seeking services, and workshops. But it all started in 2005 when Cynthia was hired by Harbor Career Connections to pound the pavement as a Job Developer. Here, she brokered job opportunities for marginalized job seekers, including the disabled, underemployed, and ex-offenders, in NW Ohio and SE Michigan. This important work also included worksite contract negotiations, summer youth work programs, and, later, vocational program management. 

Specially attuned to the challenges of working mothers in the service industry, Cynthia published Get Boss to blueprint her ascension from a young, underpaid mom to a respected entrepreneur and authority in career development education. She has also participated in national dialogues on the conditions of low-wage women in hospitality, tourism, and service industries with the U.S. Department of Labor Women’s Bureau. When not hugging trees or her children, Cynthia enjoys spiritual advising, modern and African dance, and (spicy) Pad Thai.