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Thank You, Mom

Sunday, May 8th is Mother’s Day in the U.S. We come in every uniform, from ‘6 inch heels’ to steel-toed boots. We lead, protect, and nurture - while birthing ideas, projects, businesses and oh, the human species. 

If you’ve ever had to pull away from a clinging, crying child to clock-in, and even lean-in, you know the splitting nature of leaving your den for the hunt.

Seventy-percent of mothers of children under 18 work in the U.S.  (  An unfortunate and disproportionate number of these mothers work without paid sick-time, livable and/or equal wages. 

Sincere love is extended to all individuals mothering change -  while fighting for equal pay, benefits, education and training.

Intense love goes to our trafficked mothers, across the globe, who are hidden, forgotten, and shamed within the shadows of humanity. To the individuals mothering compassion and decency to free them, thank you.

High respect to those who choose to mother, despite the circumstance or stigma.

For those longing to biologically mother - acknowledge the hundreds of ways in which you weave and create, teach and inspire. There is more than one way to give birth.

Wielding personal power is a recognition and surrender to who you are, made of  masculine and feminine. In their image. Who or what you call that doesn't matter.

In the words of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, "when both sides of the dual nature are held close together in consciousness, they have tremendous power and cannot be broken."

May you "hold the flowers" and find a new way to honor the the divine mother in us all. Happy Mother's Day, and thank you mom.

Power On!

P.S. "Hold the Flowers" offers a new way to compliment working mothers - and can be found at

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