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Challenge Accepted! The Get Boss Challenge Starts Now - you ready??

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

You're looking into the eye of a determined, relentless woman warrior. I know you are as well. That's why you should join me in this challenge.

It took me just under 10 years, off and on, to complete the first edition of my life's work - Get Boss, A Woman's Guide to Success Defined Her Way. I survived a helluva lot of nonsense during the book's creation. I also bossed-up my own professional experiences, education, personal and spiritual awareness. I'm feeling like a fully-integrated bloom of divine. Concrete rose, if you will.

I'm so excited to unveil Get Boss to the world. It just went up for sale a few days ago ... maybe deep down I never thought my dream of publishing a book would materialize. Maybe I've secretly feared this moment? Meh. Whatever ... all I know is that when I prayed yesterday for direction on marketing and ways to finally share my book with the world, I was told to create the Get Boss Challenge and start it immediately! As in, before-I-was-ready-immediately! Dang. I definitely questioned my discernment because there's been no lead-up to this moment. I posted the video to Instagram very late and all kinds of shenanigans have sprung to delay this post and dampen my best efforts. Yet I know that when it's meant to be, it's meant to be.

That said, even though the Get Boss Challenge has a schedule for 2019-2020, whenever you land on this page or the introductory video is when you are meant to participate. Timing is always divine. Please do not hesitate to join-in. Participation may be slow at first but I know the results will be abundant and lasting!

What you will need:

1. Journal

2. Planner (physical or online calendar to mark start, end, and rest periods)

3. First Chapter of Get Boss ( free PDF/Download)

5. An open heart and open mind (we will be focusing on the seven primary chakra systems throughout the challenge to help you do just that)

6. The remaining 8 chapters of Get Boss (Chapters 2 - 9) on sale now!

The Get Boss Challenge Schedule

you can do one or each of the 21-day challenges ...

Introduction and Chapter 1, Get Thankful (September 2 - September 22)

Explore the importance of gratitude and detoxify from ungrateful programming. Write, share and post daily gratitude lists of 3-5 items every day.

Rest & Reflection (September 23 - September 29), if you started late, catch up during the 7 day reprieves!

Chapter 2, Get Your Mind Right (September 30 - October 20)

21 days of focus on a positive mindset and growth mentality. Write, share and post your epiphanies. Grow through the discomfort of taking accountability for your mental health.

Rest & Reflection (October 21 - October 27)

Chapter 3, Get Ready (October 28 - November 17)

21 days spent in deep reflection to identify areas of your life/career/education that lack discipline. Draft plans of actions to help clarify and prioritize goals.

Rest & Reflection (November 18 - November 24)

Chapter 4, Get Started (November 25 - December 15)

21 days to actionize goals in chapter three.

Rest & Reflection (December 16 - December 22)

Chapter 5, Get Focused on Service (December 23 - January 12, 2020)

21 days of service challenge. Who can you serve and how?

Rest & Reflection (January 13 - January 19)

Chapter 6, Get Love (January 20 - February 9)

21 days of focused self-love! Discover how to grow in self-esteem and self-worth! Write and share how this love has radiated to your home, workplace and beyond.

Rest & Reflection (February 10 - February 16)

Chapter 7, Get Learned [pronounced learn-ed] (February 17 - March 8)

Spend all 21 days identifying the ways in which you can learn something new to increase your self-confidence, workforce marketability, and boss behaviors.

Rest & Reflection (March 9 - March 15)

Chapter 8. Get the Right Connections (March 16 - April 5)

Each of the 21 days will be spent focusing on your virtual, personal and professional connections and why they matter.

Celebrate, Rest & Reflect on Chapter 9, Get Boss the Integration!! (April 6 - April 12)

Sound grueling?? Nah. We are in this together. Some days we'll be spot-on, some days we may want to quit all together. I have no idea how it will go. No idea of the ways I'm destined to grow but I have my pure intentions, my ancestors, my angels, and my tribe. That's you! And that's all I need going forward.

Follow me on Instagram @sharperworksllc for real-time updates. I love you! Now let's get it innnnnnn.

Challenge accepted?


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