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Daring and unique, Get Boss helps women alchemize failure into success. Each chapter offers raw commentary and thought-provoking exercises which hold readers accountable to gratitude, love, and action. It’s the career guide you’ll tell your mom, daughter, sister, cousin, and friends about.

So find a pen, grab your copy, and get ready.

 Are you ready to... 

  • Lean into hope, self-love, and acceptance?

  • Heal from failures, self-sabotage, and fear?

  • Visualize, affirm, and make Boss moves?

 You'll discover how to... 

What People Say:

E.B., Digital Marketing

"You've inspired me to become a stronger leader, to push my comfort zones, and to stay motivated to inspire others."

D.S., Education

"Cynthia teaches and loves her clients from the deepest part of her heart, mind and soul. She's so genuine and generous. She doesn't expect any more than she gives, and that's great leadership!"

A.W., Human Services

"I hope you continue to guide and change lives like you did for me."

About the Author

Cynthia is a widely sought-after career and life coach,  holding a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Education in Business Education. As the owner of SharperWorks LLC and associate director of a MAC university career center, Cynthia's portfolio boasts fourteen years of providing career and life counsel to hundreds of domestic and international students, mid-level professionals, and job-seekers.


 Are you ready to Get Boss? 

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